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Folkform: Production novellas 5.10 2019 - 8.3 2020

Vandalorum is proud to present the design duo Folkform’s largest solo exhibition ever in a Swedish design institution. Folkform consists of Chandra Ahlsell and Anna Lovisa Holmquist who won this years the Bruno Mathsson-award, Scandinavia’s largest design award. This extensive exhibitions fills the entire Design Barn in Vandalorum, and shows Folkform’s experimental production from the past decade, through the objects and texts, reflections and documentation from the production processes, so called production novels. Through these stories they try to preserve a knowledge, which could have otherwise been lost. This documentation is also a part of Holmquists PHD thesis in art- and craft research at University of Arts Craft and Design, Stockholm.  Her disputation in February will coincide with the exhibition at Vandalorum. For the exhibition a new catalogue is being produced and a selection of the production novels. 

Folkform has an approach, which requires a lot of research, they are driven by curiosity, courage and integrity, and the initiatives often come from the designers themselves. They use traditional industry- and handicraft production methods as their starting point and highlight enthusiastically the knowledge, which might risk to be forgotten in the era of digitalisation. Their objects hold a high artistic quality and communicate important stories about places, people and cultural heritage.

Some of Folkforms most noticeable projects are cupboards created together with the Masonite factory in Rundvik in Ångermanland, Sweden. The cupboards are made of Masonite produced during different periods in time, from the founding of the factory in 1929 until it was closed down in 2011. Some of them have been made for Svenskt Tenn. Furhter, Folkform has designed contemporary interpretations of traditional evolving book shelves, produced in ash by Eriksson & Söners Furniture Carpentry in Vrena for Svenskt Tenn and a series of lamps (lights?) Skyline based on the architecture of Stockholms suburbs produced by Örsjö in Småland. When Nationalmuseum in Stockholm was recently renovated Folkform was given the task to develop new benches for the exhibitions. The result is Patchwork, which holds upholstery techniques from different time periods and is created in collaboration with Tärnsjö Tannery.

In the exhibition in Vandalorum Folkform continues their investigations of Swedish industrial history and about what happens in the breaking point between the mass produced and the unique. By highlighting the places, the craft and the industrial production processes behind the products, Folkform focuses on selected parts of the industrial cultural heritage and tries to show new possibilities.

Photos: Erik Lefwander


The design duo Folkform was founded in 2005 by Chandra Ahlsell (b 1973) and Anna Lovisa Holmquist (b 1978). They met when they both studied industrial design at the University of Arts Craft and Design in Stockholm. Ahlsell was also educated at Pratt Institute in New York and Holmquist at Goldsmiths in London. Folkform are represented in the collections of Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and Nasjonalmuseet in Oslo. Folkform have, among other awards, received  Future Design Days Award 2006, Lauritz Icon 2016, Residence Stora Formpris 2016 and the Bruno Mathsson-award 2019.

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