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The Jobs Sisters 21.3 2020 - 30.5 2021

The sisters Lisbet Jobs (1909-61) and Gocken Jobs (1914-95) created ceramics and patterns for textiles that still make homes blossom. The Swedish flora winds over plate, tiles and hand-printed fabrics. Delicate meadow flowers, fine foliages and ripe berry plants show the beauty of the unassuming.

The exhibition tells the story of two successful artists, Lisbet and Gocken Jobs. The sisters worked side by side and gained a dedicated clientele. Their way of taking the knowledge of the hand seriously and valuing the power of nature was inspirational then as well as now.

Lisbet and Gocken Jobs' designs have their roots in the craft and folk traditions of the region of Dalarna. The fact that the sisters are now presented in large scale in Småland, ties in with the family's history. The mother Elisabeth Wisén-Jobs grew up in Alsjöholm outside Nybro in Småland. Her father's garden was widely recognized for its unusual flowers and fruit trees.

The exhibition shows about 275 works by Lisbet and Gocken Jobs, from the 1930s until the 1980s. Their world of ceramics and textiles is staged by floral artist Gunnar Kaj. As an important feature, the exhibition also presents how the Jobs sisters' classic textile patterns are used by leading designers today.


In collaboration with Thielska Galleriet.

Thanks to:
Enets tapetserarverkstad
Erkers Möbler AB Leksandsstolen
Frösö Handtryck
Gocken Jobs AB
Gösta Westerberg Möbel
Jobs Handtryck
Kjell och Märta Beijers Stiftelse
Lisbet Jobs arvingar

Region Jönköpings län
Värnamo kommun
Vandalorum Partners: Hamrin, Liljedahl och Svenstig

Lisbet Jobs and Gocken Jobs in the ceramic workshop in Västanvik 1943. Photo: Nordisk Rotogravyr
Pattern Aurora 1956 by Lisbet Jobs. Photo: Thomas Svensson
Faience plate with painted decor 1942 by Gocken Jobs. Photo: Sussi Lorinder
Rodebjer, dress Auda ss19 in pattern Rose and lily 1946 by Gocken Jobs. Photo: Anton Renborg/ACNE

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