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Markus Emilsson 24.4 2021 – 29.8 2021

Welcome to Shoeless Landscape.
Shoeless Landscape is an audio and sculptural artwork by Markus Emilsson through which one is able to enter a landscape of design and glass sculpture. The artist Markus Emilsson, will guide you, via headphones, through various installations that challenge and reflect on ideas of community and interpersonal encounters. It is a personal and intimate meeting between you and the artist and the artwork starts here in the glass corridor. 
As a visitor you can experience the audio part of the artwork via your mobile phone. Scan the QR code to access the work. With most mobiles one can use the camera to scan the code. If this does not work, download a QR code reader and use the app to scan it. 
For a good immersive sound experience, and with regard to other visitors, we request that you use headphones in the exhibition. If you do not have your own headphones, you can borrow a pair at the reception desk. You can pause the audio guide if you want to spend more time at one particular part of the installation, or to avoid crowds. 
Children under the age of 13 are welcome in the company of an adult. Please note that the exhibition requires the visitors to remove their shoes. 

Photo: Anna Nordström

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