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Design in your spare time! Now it's time to enroll for Vandalorum Design School for the autumn semester 2024!

We meet once a week, in Vandalorum's Formstudio to experiment with different materials, techniques and expressions together with our educators and established designers. We are looking for people who like to create with their hands and who feel curious about why things look, are made and work the way they do. We want to spread knowledge about why design is an important part of our everyday life and that you can help shape what the future will look like! During the semester you will meet several different designers and artisans but also go on a study visit to a local manufacturer.

Design school meetings are held on Tuesdays, new semester starts 27/8.


We offer groups for children and young people aged 7-15 years.
Group 1: 7–11 yrs, at 4-5 pm
Group 2: 12–15 yrs, at 5.15-6.30


Send an e-mail and enter the child's name, age and contact details to the guardian.
Fee: 250 kr

The Vandalorum Design School's enablers: Proton Group, main sponsor, Committee of Home Craft, Oscar and Maria Ekman Donation Fund, Lars Hiertas Memory Foundation, Swedish Arts Council, Region Jönköping County, Värnamo Municipality.

The photo shows a guided tour with designer Wanja Djanaieff.

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