Here you'll find the answers to everything you want to know about Vandalorum, and a little more.

Common questions

Who founded Vandalorum?
How is Vandalorum run and funded?
What does the name Vandalorum mean?
Who is the architect of Vandalorum?
Is it possible to go by bus to Vandalorum?
Is Vandalorum accessible?
Do you need to buy an admission ticket to visit our restaurant, shop or garden?
Can pets be brought to Vandalorum?
Is it allowed to bring a bag and jacket into the exhibitions?
What is Vandalorum Friends and how do I become a member?
What kind of payment methods do you accept?
How can I use my gift card?

Restaurant, event & group

What opening hours does the restaurant have?
What time is lunch served?
Do I need to book a table?
Where can I find the menu?
Do I receive a 10% discount in the restaurant if I am a member of Vandalorum Friends?
Does the restaurant offer take-away?
Are you allowed to eat brought food package on your outdoor terrace or in your garden?
Can we rent Vandalorum's premises for conferences or events?
We are a group that wants to visit you, how do we do it?

Piet Oudolf's garden

Who designed the garden?
How big is the garden?
When is the garden open?
How is the irrigation of the garden taken care of?


We are a kindergarten/school class that wants to visit Vandalorum, how do we do it?
Is it possible to eat a packed lunch box?

Art & design

How can I reach out if I want to exhibit at Vandalorum?
Does Vandalorum have a collection?
Do you value art and design objects?


What opening hours does the shop have?
Is it possible to order from abroad in the online shop?
I have a product that I want to be sold in the store, how do I do it?


Can I long term park at Vandalorum?
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