A monumental work of art to return to often. A dynamic process that is constantly changing, where no day is the same as the next.

Piet Oudolf's garden at the art and design museum Vandalorum is his first at a Nordic cultural institution and includes, among other things, a 3,500 m² perennial garden. Oudolf is one of the world's foremost garden designers, having created the gardens at The High Line in New York, the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein and the restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. Oudolf works with a naturalistic cultivation design that is rooted in the place and the surrounding nature. He creates gardens whose vegetation shifts and appeals under all four seasons.

“I am very pleased that we have started to create a garden at Vandalorum, a garden that will co-play with the beautiful nature around the museum. A garden is not a painting that you look at, but a dynamic process that changes all the time, and to which you can constantly return.” — Piet Oudolf

Thanks to Hjalmar Wicanders Foundation, Bertil & Britt Svensson Foundation for Lighting Technology, Mats Skogsfors, Estrid Ericsons Foundation and Vandalorum's Partners: Hamrin, Liljedahl, Svenstig


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Bilden visar Vandalorums trädgård.
Bilden visar trädgården.
Bilden visar Vandalorum och trädgården.
Bilden visar trädgårdsdesigner Piet Oudolf och museichef Elna Svenle.
Bilden visar Vandalorums trädgård.
Bilden visare blommor.
Bilden visar blommor.