Småland Art Archive 60 Years

Lada 3
Smålands Konstarkiv
Cropped image of Sten Dunérs lithograph Evening Labyrinth 1992
In 2024, the Småland Art Archive celebrates its 60th anniversary with the exhibition /Retrotopia/, where over 100 works from the Småland Art Archive's collection are on display, as well as a work by Ukrainian artist Kateryna Seheda.

In working with collections, questions constantly need to be asked about its content, potential thinning, future acquisitions, preservation, development, and to watch out for the pitfalls of the uncritical nostalgia filter. It is also never possible to know what future generations find interesting and worthy of conservation, or what society sees as necessary to focus on. Therefore, in times of anniversaries, it becomes not only a time for celebration, but also the occasion for just such reflections.

The curator of the exhibition is Marcus Modh from Göteborgs Konst, who has selected and placed the art in a thoughtful contemporary context. The co-curator and project manager of the exhibition is Kalinka Ussing, Director of the Småland Art Archive.

Stone Dunér, Evening labyrinth (1992), graphic print
Gunnar Zilo, portrait of his wife Mia Zilo (1944), oil painting
Pontus Ljungberg, Skagen (1986), oil painting
Christina Campbell, Ränksmidarna (1991), oil and chalk drawing
Vera Nilsson, Regina on Herrön (1945), oil painting
Stone Dunér, Solbleke (1992), graphic print
Sven Ljungberg, In the Greenhouse (1963), oil painting

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